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featured species
Ducorp's Cockatoo
Hahn's Macaws
Panama Amazon
Jardine Parrots bred by Aves International- an explanation of subspecies (sorry we no longer breed Jardine Parrots :^( )

our Hyacinth Macaws
1998 baby Hyacinth Macaws
1999 baby Hyacinth Macaws

2001 baby Hyacinth Macaws
2002 baby Hyacinth Macaws

Hyacinth Macaw breeding pair and young male

photos pages
2005 Nursery Photos- pg 1
2005 Nursery Photos- pg 2

2005 Nursery Photos- pg 3
2005 Nursery Photos- pg 4
2004 Nursery Photos- pg 1
2004 Nursery Photos- pg 2
2004 Nursery Photos- pg 3
2004 Nursery Photos- pg 4

2004 Nursery Photos- pg 5
2003 Nursery Photos- pg 1
2003 Nursery Photos- pg 2
2003 Nursery Photos- pg 3
2003 Nursery Photos- pg 4
2002 Nursery Photos- pg 1
2002 Nursery Photos- pg 2
2002 Nursery Photos- pg 3

2002 Nursery Photos- pg 4
2002 Nursery Photos- pg 5
2002 Nursery Photos- pg 6
2002 nursery photos,- pg 7
2001 Hyacinth Macaws
2001 Nursery Photos - pg 1
2001 Nursery Photos - pg 2

2001 Nursery Photos - pg 3
2001 Nursery Photos - pg 4
2001 Nursery Photos - pg 5
2000 Nursery Photos

1999 Nursery Photos - pg 1
1999 Nursery Photos - pg 2
1999 Nursery Photos - pg 3
'99 baby Hyacinth Macaws
baby Toco Toucans
1998 baby Hyacinth Macaws

1998 Nursery Photos
Baby Faces
order 8" x 10" prints of digital
photos of our baby birds!

baby Slender-Billed Corella growth

our customers' pet birds
photo pages of our former breeding farm location
Our ranch, Rancho Papagallo
more ranch photos
even more ranch photos
Ranch photos from 1/00 showing many photos of our breeding stock
Ranch photos from 6/00 showing new construction
10-02 Ranch photos
visit to Ranch 3-26-03
visit to Rancho Papagallo 6/4/03
visit to Rancho Papagallo 10/22/04

fun in the nursery!
flapping 3/10/04
fun and games in the nursery

about us
owner info- Gail J. Worth

Meet our staff
emails from our customers
Family Pet Birds
avian legal consultation service

photos of our coastal location 4/13/02

We adore Iris!
Water Iris
smokey photos

Costa Rica

Papua New Guinea
Visit to Bali, Indonesia 4/03
Off to See The Lizard- Visit to Komodo National Park, 4/03

Bird watching and scuba diving in Irian Jaya (Papua Barat), Indonesian New Guinea 11/00

general info on birds
your new bird
dangerous to birds

Spring Parrot Behavior
Symptoms of an ill bird

Recommended Psittacine Diet
Why does my bird do that?
warm weather warnings
molting feathers
bathing your pet bird!
dangerous to birds

bathing your pet bird!
goofy behavior of Bare-Eyed Cockatoos
links to relevant sites
answers to questions about birds
news stories from around the world about birds
Book recommendations from by Aves International
for those who grieve the loss of a beloved bird
cold weather warning! PLEASE keep your bird's wings clipped if there is ANY CHANCE that it can escape your home in cold weather!
determining Eclectus gender

Bird Postcards
Ten 5" x 7" Bird Postcards- description and ordering information
Printable order form for
Bird Postcards

Bird Calendars
General info on Baby Bird Calendars - published for 18 years


 birds in the wild
Jamaican Amazons nesting in the wild
Green-Winged Macaw nest tree in Bolivia
Attacked by THE HORNBILL!

Mystery Contests
1. June '98 Mystery Feather Contest - answer
2. July '98 Mystery Feather Contest - answer
3. August '98 Mystery Bird's Eye Contest - answer
4. September '98 Mystery Feather Contest - answer
5. October '98 Mystery Bird's Eye Contest - answer
6. Mystery Chick Contest for July '99- answer
7. Mystery Eye Contest of 6/00- answer

8. Mystery Bird Contest of 7/00

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