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celebrating 44 years breeding birds!
site updated 6/16/17

This is the last year Aves International will be in business! We are closing and retiring to Costa Rica!
The site will remain up for the forseeable future for informational purposes.
I will still be available by email at avesinternational@gmail.com.
Thank you to everyone for your business over the past 44 years!

The website has been redesigned to make it simpler and to reflect the changes in our availabilities.
We sold a lot of our breeding stock in 2005-2010 and have very few species available now.
Some of the pages from our previous site have been left up for informational purposes and can be accessed on this page.
We hope you will find the new site easier to navigate and that you enjoy the photos and information!

See our Hyacinth Macaw, Miss Iris bathing in the sink on You Tube!
Her video went viral over the week-end of 2/21/15 and
now has well over 6 million views!
Miss Iris, Bathing Beauty - YouTube 1:40

Watch more videos of our birds on our You Tube channel!

please see links to information on the site in the table below:

Sorry, we do not export our birds!

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Did I mention how much I LOVE caiques?!

see more baby cockatiels

We have bloodlines with deep yellow coloration such
as this beautiful pied.

cinnamon pied

cinnamon pied with deep yellow crest feathers

At left and below are shown some of
our beautiful baby cockatiels.
We raise beautiful cinnamon pieds, heavy dark yellow pieds, yellow pearls, and white-faced babies.

lovely cinnamon pied pearl

lovely cinnamon pieds

heavy pied

quality, virus-free, hand-fed tame cockatiels


images of our cockatiels



images above: some of the beautiful colors of cockatiels that we raise

heavy pied coloration

We now have quality hand-fed health guaranteed cockatiels always available!

two to three week-old baby cockatiels

beautiful pearl on left and fallow on right


Did I mention how much I LOVE caiques?!

All photographs on this web site are by Gail J. Worth (unless otherwise noted) and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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