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We cannot take orders over the telephone. Please read the reserving procedure below, thank-you!

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1. Look on our Hand-Feeding Now page to see if we have the type of bird you wish to purchase either hand-feeding now or fertile eggs. If the species of bird you are seeking is not listed on our Hand-Feeding Now page, please check our Season of Availability and Weaning Times page to estimate the potential time of availability for this species. We have no other information re: future availability other than that which is listed on this site which is updated frequently. Every breeding season is different so we cannot predict exact availabilities. We will accept a deposit for future availability at any time. Please read this page- our waiting lists. If unsure as to the characteristics of the different species that we raise, take a look at our Choosing the Right Bird page and our species profiles pages. Our opinions re: the species that we raise are given on this page. We cannot advise which bird is "better" than another or which one is "best" as this is an unanswerable question. We refer you to our choosing page for our opinions. We cannot predict whether a bird will "get along" with other birds/pets. We recommend caging pet birds separately in most circumstances and never recommend putting species of different sizes or species together in the same cage/enclosure. We are happy to answer questions regarding basic personality traits of the species that we raise but, of course, birds vary as individuals and there are no absolute facts about animal behavior. We recommend reading our species profiles pages or purchasing books and reading about the species for more information.

2. Look on our current price list page to check for the current price. If the species you are seeking is not listed on our current price list, then it is not currently available. Please refer to our 2017 Complete Pricelist for prices on all of the species we expect to have available as hand-fed babies for the 2017 breeding season. We will accept a 25% deposit (of the bird's BASE LISTED PRICE) to reserve any baby that we have currently available or for any species we expect to have available in the future. This deposit on potential availability is refundable until we are holding fertile eggs or babies of the ordered species. please read- our waiting lists- FAQs

PLEASE READ our diet recommendations, health guarantee, owner, policies, shipping, waiting list policies, and Frequently Asked Questions pages for complete information on our company and birds. These pages should answer most questions you might have. If you have other specific questions please e-mail us.

4. Our printable reservation form can be printed and mailed or faxed to us or it can be cut and pasted into an e-mail or
attached as a document file and e-mailed to us.
We accept the following as payment: money order, cashier's check, cash, bank wire transfer, and .
(please add 3% fee to PayPal transactions, thank-you!)
For PayPal, please use the email address as follows: .
Sorry, we do not accept credit cards, but you may use your credit card
via a Paypal account.

printable reservation form (click here) - e-mail (copy it into an e-mail or
document program) the form to us. To use
. (please add 3% fee to PayPal transactions, thank-you!)
Please do not send a reservation form without an indication of payment as
we cannot process an order without a deposit.

Please provide your name, address, day and evening telephone numbers, e-mail address (if available), city of closest airport, and the type of baby you are reserving. Note whether you have a preference as to shipping arrival time or day (we cannot guarantee specific times nor days but we will try to match your preference. We do not ship on week-ends, normally shipping Monday through Thursday). If you have specific requests for your order (DNA sexing, health certificate (if required), wings trimmed?, please note this also. (We recommend that you ask us to trim the bird's wings after fledging so that we can socialize the baby better).

Our address is Aves International, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90274.
telephone (310) 541-1180,
email us; Sorry, we do not export our birds!

5. You will receive a receipt and other information from us by mail
(please allow two to three weeks to receive this- a hold on your bird or position on a waiting list is assured upon receipt of your deposit).
If DNA sexing with specified gender is ordered, it can take a bit longer to assign a baby to your order as we send out DNA when babies are four weeks or age or older. There can also be orders for specific gender(s) ahead of an order. This can also delay the assignment of babies. Please rest assured that we assign babies just as soon as we possibly can.
We send back a receipt for your deposit (with our written complete health guarantee), a sheet of diet recommendations, a general information sheet, and a hatch certificate with closed band number, hatch date, nursery number, and parent-pair number. If DNA sexing is ordered, the sexing certificate from Zoogen will be mailed to you when it is available.
6. We will call or email you when your bird is fully weaned so that the balance can be arranged (we ask for cashier's check, money order, or
for the final balance, please- sorry, no personal checks.) Payment of the balance is due within seven days of weaning notification. (please add 3% fee to PayPal transactions, thank-you!)

out of Los Angeles area: Airfreight is FOB Los Angeles International Airport (shipped freight collect). Please read this page in regards to shipping.We will notify you with complete shipping arrangements before we ship your new baby to you! Shipping arrangements are generally made by us the day before shipping and can be canceled if not convenient to you, and we can reschedule. We e-mail and/or call by telephone to give this shipping information.
We never ship without confirmation from you.

local Los Angeles area: Birds can be picked up locally in San Pedro, CA. We make these arrangements on an individual basis depending upon mutual schedules. There is no charge for local delivery during normal business hours.
Local Los Angeles, CA sales

Be sure before you send a deposit to us. Thank-you!
Please note! Deposits on fertile eggs or hatched babies are NOT REFUNDABLE.
(even if a specific baby has not been assigned to your order)

Once we have received a deposit and assign a position of next available baby to your order, this affects our sales to other potential buyers. Please do not ask for a refund once you have placed an order with us for currently available eggs/babies.
Our current availability is listed on this current price listing page.

PLEASE NOTE! We CANNOT predict exact weaning time in advance on an individual baby.

If you wish to put a deposit on a waiting list for future availability, this would be a refundable deposit
(refundable until we are holding fertile eggs/babies in that species).
please read this page- waiting lists.

Prices and availabilities are subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for typographical errors on prices on this website. Prices of birds do not include airfreight/shipping charges, nor any ancillary charges such as crating charge, DNA sexing charge, charge for prints of photos, etc) that are add-ons to an order (Please see the reserving page for a full explanation of all charges). We reserve the right to refuse to sell a bird. Birds are shipped FOB (Freight On Board) Los Angeles International Airport (collect airfreight), or may be be picked up locally in the Los Angeles, CA area. Crating charge is $35.00. LIVE ARRIVAL AND FULL HEALTH GUARANTEED! If a health concern should arise after arrival, we must be notified within 24 hours of onset of symptoms and the bird(s) must be seen by an avian veterinarian within this same time frame or our guarantee is void. We do guarantee all domestic birds to be free of pathogenic bacteria, viral disease, and congenital hatch defects. If a bird dies, it must be submitted to an avian veterinarian for necropsy and histology within 24 hours of death. It must be kept refrigerated but not frozen. We are not responsible for airfreight charges nor veterinary charges after birds leave our facility. A 25% nonrefundable deposit will reserve any domestic baby until ready to ship. DEPOSITS ON FERTILE EGGS OR CHICKS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. We accept PayPal, cashier's checks, or money orders, no personal checks are accepted as final payment on birds. No COD shipments. California residents please add 9.00% CA sales tax. DNA sexing is available at $30.00 per bird (no gender specified). Specified gender sexings are priced higher ($45.00-$75.00), depending upon scarcity of desired gender and species. Health certificates are $75.00. Payment in full of the balance on a baby is due within seven days of notification to the buyer that the bird is weaned and ready to go. If undue delays occur that are not the fault/under the control of Aves International (other than temporary weather conditions) or if the buyer requests that we keep a baby here past weaning, a charge of $5.00 per bird per day boarding charge will be assessed until shipment occurs. If payment of balance and arrangements for shipping/delivery have not been made by the purchaser within fourteen days of notification of weaning, Aves International reserves the right to cancel the order.
Telephone business hours are 9 AM - 6 PM Monday through Friday Pacific Time.
We do not operate a retail showroom and do not have facilities to view our babies.
Please see our policies for further information. For local sales in the Greater Los Angeles area,
birds can be picked up locally in San Pedro, CA.