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(if you are in the Los Angeles, CA area, this page DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU)

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*FOB means Freight On Board (i.e. airfreight is shipped collect)
current notices
FAQs regarding reserving a baby with us and our waiting lists please read

If you found us via Google in regards to shipping birds, please note we do not ship birds for other people. We only ship the birds that we sell.
PLEASE NOTE! If you want to know if live birds can be shipped to your airport, please call the airlines servicing your airport to ask if live birds are accepted on flights to it, thank-you. If you want to know an approximate cost for shipping a bird, please call airlines servicing your city's airport from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). We cannot quote an exact shipping amount to you in advance.

NOTICE- As of 3/20/02, we will no longer ship birds with American Airlines.Their complete lack of consideration and capricious change/enforcement of untenable policies on numerous occasions has forced us into this decision. We will be happy to ship birds with ANY OTHER airline.

Please see below for information about shipping to the State of Hawaii.

As of 12/21/03- we no longer accept orders for exportation- sorry (this includes Canada).
Sorry, we do not export our birds!

We have been shipping birds for over 38 years and we know how to do it properly. We have shipped birds all over the world. We know the best crates to use for various species and how to provide food and moisture in transit. We use sturdy wooden crates that are properly ventilated but not drafty. There are perches built in on the crate's floor. Our crates are clearly marked with colorful "LIVE BIRD" and "UP" stickers. Crating charge is $25.00 to $35.00 per crate depending upon size and complexity. We provide enough food to last for several days as a contingency in case of flight delays.

We make all of the shipping arrangements and use direct flights if possible. We use the best airline for the route, taking into considereation transit time, weather, and cost factor. We check weather conditions at the receiving end and only ship when we consider it safe to do so. Generally, temperatures should be between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit at the receiving airport. There are some exceptions to this, but many airlines have temperature restrictions and will only accept shipments when temperatures on the shipping and receiving ends are within this range.
We put our birds' health above all other considerations and do not ship when we feel it could be dangerous to the birds' well-being. We only ship well-weaned babies.
We can ship counter to counter (arrives at the passenger terminal soon after flight arrival) at the customer's request (this is usually prepaid freight). Otherwise shipments are sent freight collect.

Airfreight charge varies from one airline to another but generally is about $85.00 to $175.00 nationwide (The distance is not the deciding factor. It is based upon dimensional/physical weight of the shipping crate and the declared value of the birds.) We declare full value of the shipment on the airbill.
We cannot predict airfreight charges in advance- this is paid to the airline at the time the shipment is received/shipped. The consignee is always notified with the flight number(s), airbill number, and arrival time before the shipment is made. To get the location for pick-up at your airport, call the airline being used for shipping and ask where the air cargo office or the counter to counter office for that airline is located in your local airport. The airfeight charge is approximately $85.00-90.00 by Continental and United Airlines and $160.00 by Delta Pet First.

We usually ship Tuesday through Thursday, avoiding week-end shipping due to heavier passenger/mail traffic. We do not ship during inclement weather on either end .

(PLEASE NOTE: We supply crates to our customers for airfreight shipping but otherwise we do not sell crates).

Health certificates can be provided at extra charge ($50.00 - $75.00) for states and/or airlines that require this.

It is the reponsibility of the purchaser to know and comply with any local laws or regulations regarding the purchase/shipping/possession of a bird. We cannot be held liable for any issues in this regard.

We guarantee safe and healthy arrival on all of our shipments. We WILL NOT SHIP if we feel that weather conditions are hazardous for the bird.

We do not ship by the U.S. Postal Service.
It is illegal to do so and even if this were legal, we do not consider this to be safe and our birds'safety is our first consideration. See postal regulation 525.1, shipping parrots and most other birds species is illegal!

For local sales in the Greater Los Angeles area, our livestock manager or owner makes local pick-up arrangements. There is no charge for local delivery during normal business hours. Birds can be picked up locally in San Pedro, Torrance, downtown Los Angeles, and near LAX airport by appointment/previous arrangements.

Notice re: shipping into the State of Hawaii
You must obtain an import permit from the state Department of Agriculture, (808) 837-8092, and send us a copy of this. There is a West Nile Permit requirement as well as the usual health certificate requirement. This is now called the Poultry and Bird Import Permit. Please see this page for more information: The bird must be boarded at a veterinarian's office for seven days in order to meet the West Nile Permit requirements. The cost for all of this is approximately $250.00.

Note: We cannot ship to Oakland or San Jose (we use SFO), Midway (we use ORD) or La Guardia (we use JFK or EWR).

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our shipping policies.

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