Hyacinth Macaws
at Aves International 2001

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At this time, we do not know if we will have Hyacinth Macaw babies available for 2007, sorry.

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updated 2/6/02

These thriving babies are Hyacinth Macaws hatched 6/18/01 and 6/20/01. On 7/3/01, their eyes are just starting to open.

 Here are our adorable baby Hyacinths
on 7/24/01. Our baby Hyacinths wean
at about six months of age.

 On 8/1/01, the chicks are
wide awake for the late night feeding.
These babies are really starting to show personality at this age! The older chick
on the right is a male and the younger
is a female.

 The little darlings are sound asleep
at 2:30 AM on 8/4/01!

  It's heads up for this little
Hyacinth as he sees his late night feeding on the way!

 The chicks are more blue every day! This photo was taken the night of 8-9-01.


Here is our newest chick on 8/9/01. This little fellow was just hatched 8/6/01.
I love the heart-shaped faces of baby macaws!
Notice the egg tooth on the top of the upper beak.

On 8/13/01, the babies
have grown too large for
two in one box!

It's a hot summer night here! One of the babies is sleeping with droopy wings and
the other is still wide awake.

  On 8/16/01, a baby Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon is visiting one of
the Hyacinth chicks, much to his dismay!
Baby Hyacinths are very sensitive and
will "kick-box" any intruder that
wanders into their area.

  "Geez, can't a gal get any peace
around here?" Now a Hahn's Macaw
is visiting the Hyacinth's box.

All eyes are on the duck toy that
plays a song and intrigues the babies
on 8/23/01!

The two older chicks are feathering
quickly now. They each weigh between
1400-1500 grams now.

 The female chick is shocked to see how
she looked just a few weeks ago as she gazes in surprise at her younger sibling!

 At this age the babies just eat, sleep,
and grow! This chick hatched 8/6/01 and
is sixteen days old in this photo. It is
starting to sprout dark down feathers
and the beak is becoming pigmented.
The eyes are starting to open.

 When I entered the nursery late on the evening of 8/23/01, I saw this cozy scene and ran to get my camera! A baby Scarlet Macaw has decided to have a slumber party with the male Hyacinth chick!

But indeed the other Hyacinth chick is not
the only one to have a buddy! A Blue & Gold Macaw chick preens the back of the female Hyacinth's head on 8/23/01. We allow our chicks to be in contact with other species in the nursery. We never allow a chick without
a sibling to be raised alone. We feel that socialization with other birds is important
to young birds. Our babies see many other species/sizes of other baby birds.



The youngest chick is now nearly a month old on 8/31/01.
Its eyes are now wide open and it's even practicing
flapping its wings! We just got the DNA sexing results
and this chick is a female.

 The two older chicks are now
well-feathered on 8/31/01. At this age,
they spend much less time sleeping and a lot more time exploring. They are curious about
everything going on in the room and walk from box to box, visiting other chicks.
These beauties will be perching very soon!

The youngest chick has grown a lot in the
past month! She is just over seven weeks
old in this photo and is feathering. This
sweet baby is now sold.


The two older chicks are now perching in a cage and starting to eat a bit on their own. They are already nibbling a little fresh coconut. 9/27/01

photo taken 9/28/01

Our three oldest Hyacinth babies
celebrate the New Year!
This photo was taken on 12/31/01.

Here is one of our youngest chicks on 1/23/02.

All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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