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updated 11/5/13 (info is as correct as is possible)
Sorry, we do not export our birds!

This page shows photos of our babies of the species that we raise and expect to have available for the 2014 season with current availability information noted. A 25% deposit of the bird's base price will reserve a baby until fully weaned (we do not sell unweaned babies). Species that are available for sale now as either fertile eggs, hand-feeding babies, or weaned tame babies are marked with this symbol*.
If the species is not currently available, you can get on our
waiting list for a species that we raise for future availability with a
25% deposit.
Please read this page for complete information.

You can click each species name and photo to go to a species profile page.
DNA sexing charges

PLEASE NOTE! We CANNOT predict exact weaning time in advance on an individual baby.

 See these pages for more information
regarding current availability:
current price listing

availability and weaning times page, reserving a baby

LOOK PLEASE! this symbol in the chart below *means we have eggs
or babie
s currently available to be reserved in the nursery now!
click here to see the chart of available babies hand-feeding now page

Blue-Fronted Amazon- specially-colored
$1200.- $1600.00

accepting deposits for 2014

*eggs/babies always!

Congo African Grey 


accepting deposits for 2014

Goffin Cockatoo


accepting deposits for 2014

Green-Cheeked Conure
normal coloration- $100.00; Cinnamon- $200.00;
Yellow-Sided- $225.00;
high red Yellow-Sided- $250.00
high red Pineapple $350.00;
Turquoise- $300.00
Cinnamon Turquoise- $350.00

Greater Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo
accepting deposits for 2014

Hahn's Macaw


accepting deposits for 2014

Magna Double
Yellow-Headed Amazon
accepting deposits for 2014

Leadbeater (Major Mitchell's) Cockatoo
$3500.00 male;
$4500.00 female

accepting deposits for 2014

Ruppell's Parrot

*available now

Slender-Billed (Long-Billed Corella) Cockatoo
accepting deposits for 2014

Solomon Inland Eclectus
accepting deposits for 2014

Sun Conure 
accepting deposits for 2014

Timneh African Grey

accepting deposits
for 2014 babies!

* indicates we have eggs or babies currently available in the nursery now!

quality, virus-free, hand-fed tame cockatiels


images of our cockatiels
normal grey (splits included)- $95.00 ea.
pied, pearl, pearl-pied, cinnamon- $110.00 ea.
cinnamon pearl, cinnamon pied, cinnamon pied pearl, & lutino- $125.00 ea.
white-faced normal & pearl- $150.00 ea.
white-faced cinnamon pied/pied pearl, lutino pearl,
& very heavy pied- $175.00-$200.00 ea.
albino (lutino white-faced)- $200.00 ea.

click here to see hand-feeding now page

information on reserving a baby bird
our waiting lists- Frequently Asked Questions
printable reservation form to reserve a baby with us

Sorry, we do not export our birds!

Prices of birds do not include airfreight/shipping charges, nor any ancillary charges such as crating charge, DNA sexing charge,
charge for prints of photos, etc) that are add-ons to an order (Please see the reserving page for a full explanation of all charges). W
e reserve the right to refuse to sell a bird.
Birds are shipped FOB (Freight On Board) Los Angeles International Airport (collect airfreight), or
can be be picked up locally in the Los Angeles, CA area.

All photographs on this page are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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